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    "I have been working with Radiant Alchemy for 3 years now! The team, lead by Safiya, have worked with me to transform my life . With Radiant Alchemy’s help, all aspects of my life have become much healthier : Home, Spiritual, Financial, Physical and Nutritional (to name a few!). This isn’t trend-following....this is the real
    -deal, trend
    -setting healing and coaching most of us are looking for!."

    Simone N.

    "Safiya & Dr. Brown are so magical and they are always constantly researching and sharing new healing techniques and methods. Everything that they have shared with me has drastically helped me with my holistic healing. From nutrition to spiritual healing methods I have been able altar my life in so many different ways!"

    Melody H.

    "After working with Radiant Alchemy Wellness group I saw so many poaitive changes in my life and was able rid myself of many negative practices that no longer served me. I have to say the experience was Life Changing!"

    Thomas P.

    I met with Safiya today for the first time. As we began to settle in, our Spirits connected and the Energy and Healing began. She is Awesome!! I learned soo much about myself and the Natural way to be more proactive in my own health and well-being. If you haven’t experienced time with Safiya, please give yourself the gift of being in her presence and the enlightenment of her knowledge! Well worth the time! 👏 👏 👏 �� 😇


    "So much wisdom that flows through this amazing healer. You can feel and experience her real and deep intentions, full of love, full of truth. I am forever grateful��🙏🙏"

    Elaine C.

    "You cannot get better healing then through the work of Radiant Alchemy Wellness. Safiya is spot on! So much has cleared for me while working with Safiya. If you want true healing and energy clearing, then you are in good hands."

    joné M.