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    How It Works

    1st Phase

    It all begins with a, quick 10-15 minute conversation over the phone, free of charge, during which we can talk about what your exact emotional, mental and/or physical needs & concerns are and I will assess what type of therapies should be applied to help create balance in all areas of life. Should you decide that it makes sense for us to meet, then we will discuss scheduling and availability, and establish the exact pricing for your 1-Hour consultation.
    Prior to our first meeting, I will message you a number of forms to fill out or you can download it at the bottom of this page and bring it with you to our consultation.

    2nd Phase

    During this 2nd stage of our introduction, we will settle on your most pressing, specific issues and treatment options and a general plan designed to address your particular concerns. Your specific life situation will help us determine the best way to carry on. I will create a treatment plan and will share it with you.
    If need be I schedule our first session— to see if our structure and style of healing is something you are open to receiving at this point of your journey. For ost it is an Ah-Ha moment and we both know and are excited for the journey ahead but for some it may be a vast difference in the kind of assistance you are used to receiving because when we work together we are "all in" and shifts in your life occur immediately. If you are looking for quick results and rapid change in your life then you have come to the right place!
    The weekly frequency of sessions you will need — and how frequently we meet — depends on such factors as the nature of your end goals, how complicated the symptoms are, or how much distress you’re currently experiencing, how long you’ve been dealing with your situation, different aspects of your lifestyle, how much support you receive from family members and others close to you, and how quickly we are able to make progress, among other factors. We will make it work together.

    Final Phase

    At the end of our consult we will discuss and map out a program that best fits your life, schedule and wilingness to follow simple instructions that yield big results in a short amount of time. It is very exciting and I feel honored to witness this process unfold time and time again. THANK YOU for showing up!Usually we begin with a program that is either 3, 6 or 9 months long and at the mid-point of the program we will assess where we are in order to assure results above and beyond your expectations. Because results are the only thing that matters in life.
    During the whole process during our time together, at the end of every session, we will review our work together and determine progress. If things got much better, we either decide it is time to update our work together with new goals, begin working toward another stage of your life and goals, as the skies the limit. My ongoing goal is to empower you to trust that you can move through your life with a sense of clarity, discernment, flexibility, and well-being.

    If it sounds like what you are seeking

    Useful Forms

    If you would like to save time prior to your visit, feel free to download and fill out the forms on this pageand bring them with you to your first appointment.

    Whats Next?

    Give me a Call, Email or Text and we will personally walk you through the process

    Payment Options

    We Accept Cash, Checks with ID & the additional options below

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